Term 6 Outline

Hello Squirrels,

I hope that you had a fantastic half term break!

Some of you may be returning to school today, and others are staying at home. No matter where you will be, I wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and I hope that you are continuing to be amazing!!

Here is the term 6 overview to find out some key things that we will be exploring: Take One Step _Squirrels

Additionally, here is the letter that Mrs. Force and Mr. James sent out regarding home learning and a proposed daily schedule: Home learning for years 2 to 5

I will continue to post the White Rose math worksheets for year 1 and 2 on the Math Worksheet page. Since everyone works at a different pace, I have put up several weeks worth of worksheets in one go. The worksheets will stay available on the that page.

Lastly, it is encouraged to visit the National Oak Academy for daily lessons. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore your interests and forge a new path in your learning!

I am missing you all terribly and I hope we can all see each other soon. Please feel free to contact the school if you need to get a hold of me.

Mrs. Sakaki Xx


Half term break activities

Hello Squirrels,

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Here are some activities that might interest you and your family:

Keep well and I hope to see you all soon!

Mrs. Sakaki Xx


PSHE-Friday 22nd May

Today is the last day of Term 5!  I think we can all agree that it has been an unusual term because we have all been at home. You have all done exceptionally well and I thank you for all the work you have done, the help you have given your family and the kindness you have shown others. Taking time to think about what is happening in your life and the world around you is a healthy and positive way to consider things that are great and/or not so great.

So grab a biscuit or two and a cold drink and with an adult or a sibling, take a moment to reflect on the last 5 weeks:

What has been your favourite learning this term? Take a look on the Home Learning Adventure page to jog your memory.

What do you like about being at home?

How do you feel about not being at school?

Has everyday felt the same? What routines made you feel positive or happy?

Did you learn anything new about your family?

Have you achieved something new that you couldn’t do or struggled with before school closed?


If interested, try a cosmic yoga to help you relax.

 Discuss again what you feel after the yoga. Have you noticed any changes? Has your breathing changed? Has your mood changed?

I hope you are all well and that I can see you all soon 🙂


English- Friday 22nd May

Yr 1 Bob has tried to improve a sentence using adjectives. Discuss if you think he has made good choices. Why?

The dull sun was shining in the dark sky.


Yr 2: Review the spelling of common words.


Writing: Over the next two days you are going to be completing your poster inviting your chosen mini beast to come and live in Barcombe in your garden.

Task: Today you are going to complete your poster inviting your chosen mini beast to come and live in your garden.

Here are some ideas that you would like to borrow and adapt:

Are your still not convinced to move into my garden? Well here are my top 5 reasons why my garden would be the best place for you:

-Friendly. You will meet many new creatures.

-Peaceful. The owner will make sure you are not bothered.

-Free food. The owner will provide all the food you need.

-Clean. Your living space will be free of rubbish.

-Fantastic neighbours.

Other details:

  • add drawings/pictures
  • create a border
  • add colour



Timetable- Friday 22nd May

Good Morning Squirrel Class,

Today is  the last day of term 5! On Monday, I will make one post with some activities that might interest you to do during the half term break. Have a lovely weekend and a fun half term break.

8:30 am – Maths: White Rose Problems

Warm up task on My Maths

9:00 am – Get active: Joe Wicks or Cosmic Kids Yoga

9:00 am – English: Phonics and Writing

9:30 am – PSHE

Reading Resource: Free eBook Library: a great website by Oxford Owl to access some age appropriate leveled books. It is free, but you will be asked to sign up.